CRDC signs Planet Fitness at White City Shopping Center in Shrewsbury, MA

Charter Realty and Development Signs a Lease with Planet Fitness in Shrewsbury, MA

Charter Realty and Development is pleased to announce that it has leased a 19,300 square foot space in Shrewsbury, MA to Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is a personal fitness company noted for billing itself as a “judgment free zone.” It chose to relocate in a center that it had already occupied as a World Gym, a competitor, franchisee run personal fitness company. That center that Planet Fitness is now occupying is Charter Realty’s 255,000 square feet White City Shopping Center that already houses Shaw’s, Dress Barn, and Austin Liquors, to name a few.

Prominently situated off of the bustling Boston Turnpike, White City, on average, receives a traffic volume of over 60,000 cars per day. As of 2013, the center has around 94% occupancy. White City, and subsequently Planet Fitness are located in a extremely densely populated area with 293,491 people living within a 7 mile radius (2010 Census). Although officially located in the Town of Shrewsbury, White City is only about 500 yards away from the City of Worcester, the second largest City in New England. Over the past several years White City has received extensive renovations.

White City is just one of Charter Realty, and Development’s many shopping centers. Charter currently owns or leases over 12 million square feet of shopping centers throughout the East. For more information on our company and projects, visit our website at


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