CRDC to lease to four tenants at Apply Valley Shopping Center, NY

Charter Realty Development Corp to lease to Four Tenants at Apple Valley Shopping Center

Charter Realty and Development is pleased to announce it has leased four spaces in the Apple Valley Plaza-Poughkeepsie, NY- comprised of roughly 7,000sf of space. Three of the spaces had existing businesses, and one of the spaces was vacant. The existing businesses were a pizza restaurant, a dry cleaner and a laundromat, all of which Charter successfully sold to new users and negotiated new lease terms. The vacant space went to Smokes-4-Less, a local chain offering tobacco products at the state’s minimum price in 13 locations in and around the Hudson Valley region of NY.

These 4 new tenants have proven to be wonderful additions to the 55,000sf Apple Valley Plaza, which added Walgreens on October 9th 2009, and has undergone substantial renovation in the past 18 months. Apple Valley Plaza is located on Rt. 55, having over 50k people in the trade area and the highest per capita income in Duchess County NY. One space of 2,000sf and one space of 1,000sf represent the remaining opportunities in the Apple Valley Plaza.

Charter currently leases or owns over 14,900,000 square feet throughout the East Coast.

For more information contact Adam Moore, Charter Realty & Development Corp., 183 Main Street, Westport, CT 06880, office (203) 227-2922.

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